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Seamless access to the nation’s top fellowship trained radiologists for dedicated coverage, second opinions, education & research.

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The DocPanel platform empowers radiologists to read solely within their specialty, creating a powerful marketplace where subspecialized radiology coverage is accessible to any imaging provider, department, or patient from anywhere in the world.

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We Make Radiology Simple

DocPanel at a Glance

Network of over 700 fellowship trained radiologists reading only within their specialty.

Dedicated coverage across every state, modality, and specialty with 24 hour TAT (or less).

Radiologists choose their cases, schedules, and the institutions they want to work with.

Advanced platform designed to integrate across facilities, geographies, and provider groups.

Tailored reports for each institution, with streamlined communication channels for referral consults.

Worldwide access to subspecialty radiology second opinions from the comfort of your own home.

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Over the last seven years DocPanel has bridged the gap between the needs of radiologists, healthcare institutions, and patients.

Let us help you achieve your goals. Send us a note and a team member will be in touch.

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What People Are Saying About Us

We reach many people with our multi-faceted approach to healthcare. Hear what healthcare facilities, radiologists, and patients have to say about their experiences with DocPanel.

    John Tentinger Md Radiology 1000px.png

    John Tentinger, MD

    Radiology Section Chief, Broadlawns Medical Center

    We view the radiologists on our panel as direct extensions of our group. In addition to providing subspecialty reads, they’ve helped us launch cardiac, prostate, and breast imaging programs. You will never have a team that is more responsive to your needs!

    Vaishali Lafita Md Radiologist 1000px.png

    Vaishali Lafita, MD

    Musculoskeletal Radiologist

    DocPanel lets me practice radiology in a way that no other job offers. I get to work at my own pace, follow my own schedule, read the studies I want to read, and make a good living. The platform has, without doubt, nurtured some of my most fulfilling work.

    Lindsey M With Dog

    Lindsey M.

    DocPanel Patient

    “I was thousands of miles away from home & completely confused by my mammogram report. I had no idea if meant I had cancer... if I should jump on a flight home. My second opinion experience was invaluable. The radiologist thoroughly explained my results & instantly put my mind at ease.

The Problem with the Status Quo

  • 01 . Symptom

    Sub-Quality Care: Imaging studies are often not read by the correct specialist, resulting in misdiagnosis and delays in treatment.

  • 02 . Root Cause

    Limited Access: Global shortages of radiologists make it difficult for facilities to meet turnaround times and have a specialist for every case.

  • 03 . Treatment

    DocPanel: Empowering radiologists to read only within their specialty enables imaging departments to bridge coverage gaps nationwide.

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DocPanel Blog

The Latest From Noel’s Corner

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