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How to Access Abdominal Imaging Subspecialty Radiologists

When and Where They’re Needed

An abdominal imaging subspecialist should never be a luxury — it’s a necessity.

A lack of abdominal subspecialty radiologists often results in avoidable and potentially dangerous procedures. 27% of prostate cancer biopsies are unnecessary, and every biopsy can lead to life-threatening conditions, such as sepsis. Patients need specialized care from radiologists with advanced training and experience reading abdominal cases but hiring subspecialists is often cost-prohibitive. DocPanel offers an academic-level and affordable alternative to hiring — connecting abdominal imaging expertise with healthcare providers when and where it's needed.

Learn How Abdominal Subspecialty Imaging Prevents Pain and Saves Lives

Almost 100% survival rate

Early detection of prostate cancer yields a survival rate of nearly 100%.

Your Patients Deserve the Best...

They need specialized imaging analysis and authoritative diagnosis. Abdominal imaging subspecialists prevent over, under, and misdiagnosis, and with DocPanel’s academic-level network of on-demand professionals, getting the proper diagnosis is fast, efficient, and financially attainable.

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Expand Your Imaging Services and Programs

Abdominal and pelvic cases are increasing and you may be missing revenue streams or opportunities to serve your patients if you can't meet this demand. Use DocPanel's national, online network of academic-level and fellowship trained subspecialty radiologists to offer body imaging services like:

  • Abdominal Imaging
  • CT Abdomen and Pelvis (CT AbdPel)
  • MR Abdomen and Pelvis (MR AbdPel)
  • MRI Abdomen and Pelvis (MRI AbdPel)
  • Prostate MR
  • Prostate screening and exam

With the support of DocPanel's subspecialty network, your patients will receive the most accurate PI-RAD Score (PI-RADS), so they can get started with the right treatment, as quickly as possible.