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Best Breast Cancer Blogs 2020

Did you get a concerning diagnosis after a recent mammogram? Or maybe someone close to you is fighting breast cancer? Both of these scenarios, among others, can feel overwhelming and intimidating. By arming you with the right information and support, the emotional and physical journey can feel a little more manageable and a little less lonely.

Whether you are looking to connect with a community of survivors or seeking help to decipher your mammogram results, here is our round-up of this year’s best breast cancer blogs. If you are just starting your journey, crossing the finish line, or supporting a loved one affected by breast cancer, there is something here for everyone!

Best breast cancer blog if you are looking to educate yourself…

This breast cancer blog is the place to go for all things related to your personal breast health journey. This non-profit separates its informational offering into digestible sections. From understanding how to lower your risk to realizing the different treatment options and side effects, they have it all. They even include advice on how to manage your career and your treatment. Aside from their blog, they offer a podcast backed by some of the leading breast specialists to demystify and explain some of the more complex topics surrounding breast health and breast cancer.

Best breast cancer blog if you are seeking support…

Living Beyond Breast Cancer

If you have breast cancer or are a survivor of breast cancer, Living Beyond Breast Cancer may be a useful resource for you. When you navigate to this non-profit’s blog page, we’re’ confident you will feel embraced by their mission. Offering in-person, phone, or online support, this community is here for you.

Their blog articles show their commitment to facing emotional, overwhelming questions and thoughts by your side. Whether that means help with coming to terms with your diagnosis or tips on thriving during your fight against breast cancer, they cover it all.

Best breast cancer blog if you are seeking to change your lifestyle post-diagnosis…

This favorite breast cancer blog is an excellent resource for support, providing access to a community dedicated to living to the fullest, regardless of the diagnosis. Here you will find blog articles describing fun healthy recipes like Pumpkin Spice Protein Bars or finding positive self-help books for your journey. If you are looking to make a lifestyle change related to your breast health, this is a great place to start. Beyond the breast cancer blog, they share tangible patient resources such as financial or transportation assistance.

Best breast cancer blog if you are looking for a personal story….

Booby and the Beast

This intimate breast cancer blog will take you on a journey through the experience of one brave soul fighting breast cancer. Jen was only 32 years old when she was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. While her situation is no longer terminal, she is still fighting. Her story is filled with tales of her two children, the acknowledgment of tough days, and the joy of living in the moment. No matter your situation, Jen’s story is not one to be missed.

Best breast cancer blog if you want to support the cause…

Wear it Pink

Look no further! Wear it Pink day is part of a more significant fundraising effort to spread awareness about breast cancer. Their breast cancer blog features their research as well as different ways to fundraise and support the cause. And it’s not too late! Wear it Pink day is on October 18th, so hop on to their breast cancer blog and join the efforts if you are inclined.

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