Breast Imaging


Expert Insights on Resuming Breast Imaging in the Aftermath of COVID 19

DocPanel’s radiologists provide insight into the impact of COVID and discuss steps being taken to manage unpredictable volumes, large backlogs, and patient anxiety regarding the safety of returning to doctors’ offices.

How a Second Opinion Helped Me Understand My Abnormal Mammogram

Whether a suspicious finding or a confusing term, not understanding your abnormal mammogram results can be a frightening experience. That was the case for Jennifer Reyes.

A Practical Guide to Understanding BIRADS

Understanding your mammogram report can be confusing and stressful. To demystify BIRADS, we spoke with Dr. David Cline, a Mayo Clinic trained breast imager, to find out what each score means and how a patient should proceed.

How to Make Mammograms Less Stressful - Tips for Women, by Women

Breast cancer screening improves early cancer detection rates. But many women miss their screening appointments because of how uncomfortable they can be. So we asked women for their best tips and tricks to make mammograms less miserable.

Best Breast Cancer Blogs 2020

Whether you’re just starting your journey, crossing the finish line, or supporting a loved one affected by breast cancer, find support in our round-up of this year's best breast cancer blogs.

Mammogram Callback Reasons

In this part two of our interview series with Dr. Lee, she takes us through the ins and outs of understanding mammogram callback reasons, how the process works, and what we as women can ask our physicians to help ensure healthy decisions concerning breast screening.