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Victory Medical Care

About Victory

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Victory Medical Care is a nephrology office in New York City. As part of the practice, they often require patients to get ultrasounds done, and would send patients to an outside facility for their imaging needs.


DocPanel helped us set up our ultrasound practice. We are a nephrologist office that was looking for a service that could provide expert radiologists to read renal, abdominal and vascular ultrasounds. DocPanel helped us get set up quickly and worked with us to meet our needs. It's great knowing that DocPanel and their radiologists are always there for us when we need them.

Ilya Fagan


Onsite Challenges

Growing practice that needed specialty coverage

Victory was sending ultrasound referrals to imaging centers which was inconvenient for patients, and the centers struggled with timely turnaround times. They wanted to bring the ultrasound Imaging in-house.

Easing case load

Leveraging a panel of experts optimized case turnaround

DocPanel provides specialty radiologists who can provide reports for renal, abdominal, and vascular ultrasounds. DocPanel also helps with reads for echocardiograms

How DocPanel Solved Their Needs

Specialty Coverage

Specialty Coverage

Access DocPanel radiologists across every subspecialty and modality.

Improve Quality

Improve Quality

Subspecialization of multiple areas versus one Radiologist

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