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With New OSHA Regulations, the Need for B Readers Continues to Grow

The need for B reader radiologists has increased dramatically since the OSHA Standards on Respirable Crystalline Silica went into effect last year.

The NIOSH B Read program was created in 1979, to find and treat patients suffering from black lung (hence the name ‘B’ Read), and is also used in the evaluation of pneumoconioses for people exposed to toxic dust, such as asbestosis and silicosis, or beryllium.

Today, there are only 165 active NIOSH certified B readers in the entire country.

Through DocPanel, occupational health centers, imaging centers, law firms evaluating client cases, epidemiological research studies, and worker monitoring programs can access the nation’s top B reader radiologists.

B readers can also use DocPanel to streamline their workflow and give clients quicker turnaround times.

"In just a short period of partnering with DocPanel as their “B reader” panel, we have rapidly expanded our client base with enhanced customer service through their seamless cloud-based platform. The professionals at DocPanel have provided tremendous personalized service and technical support during our start-up transition,” says M. David Wiener, MD, B Reader Consultants, LLC.

Grow Your Business with B Reader Services

A previously complicated and long process, DocPanel has launched a new platform that makes it quick and easy for B readers to interpret caseloads of all sizes. After creating an account, digital chest radiographs can be instantly uploaded from a CD, PACS, or a DICOM file/folder. With an integrated FDA approved viewer and an electronic ILO classification form, DocPanel B Readers can quickly read the case and send back the completed ILO classification form (B Read). [See the image above as an example]. By not having to go through the trouble of mailing film and CDs, turnaround time is significantly improved with DocPanel.

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