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DocPanel has a network of NIOSH certified B Readers who provide ILO classification reports (B Reads).

Our ABR certified radiologists have qualified as B Readers through NIOSH and provide ILO Classification Forms

DocPanel makes it simple for you to access NIOSH certified B Readers and obtain B Reads on your Chest X-Rays. Use our end-to-end, cloud-based digital image management system to easily create an account and upload digital chest radiographs from a CD, PACS, or DICOM file/folder.

DocPanel allows you to browse and select a panel of certified B Readers who provide timely B reads.

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Chest Radiograph ILO Classification Form

DocPanel's network of NIOSH approved B Readers have demonstrated proficiency in the classification of chest X-Rays using the ILO classification system.

A DocPanel B Reader will quickly send back the completed ILO classification form (B Read). DocPanel has integrated its FDA approved viewer with an electronic ILO classifcation form enabling an efficient workflow.

Only have actual radiographic films? Please contact DocPanel at 973-368-3546 for handling instructions and support.

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Extensive B Reader Capabilities

Our B Readers evaluate the abnormalities related to occupational exposure including inhalation of silica dust and other dust exposures (such as in coal workers’ pneumoconiosis, black lung, etc.), asbestos exposed workers, Respirable Cyrsytaline Silica and silica related disease (including Silicotuberculosis, Silicosis). We perform B reads for law firms evaluating client cases, epidemiologic research studies, as well as surveillance and worker monitoring programs.

The need for B reading examinations will grow due to the new silica rule related to the OSHA standard on Respirable Crystalline Silica. DocPanel can support your all of your B Reader needs.

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