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Dr. Riedl Brings World-Class Oncological Imaging Services to the Westchester Area

This spring, the newly renovated Westchester PET opened its doors bringing a variety of cutting-edge oncological imaging services to the Westchester community in New York.

The facility is now owned and operated by Dr. Christopher Riedl, a Dual-Board Certified Nuclear Radiologist and former Assistant Professor of Radiology at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. As one of the few imaging centers in the city solely dedicated to subspecialized cancer imaging, Dr. Riedl brings a personal touch to world-class diagnostics and, soon to come, therapeutic services.

Dr. Riedl completed medical school and his postgraduate training in diagnostic radiology in Vienna, Austria. During his residency, he moved to New York and embarked on a 3-year research training program in Molecular Oncologic Imaging at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. It was here that Dr. Riedl discovered his love for a new approach to medicine, moving away from a generic medical perspective, toward a more personalized healthcare philosophy.

After completing his Ph.D. and becoming Assistant Professor in Radiology at the University of Vienna, Dr. Riedl returned to Memorial Sloan Kettering for further training in Nuclear Medicine, as well as Breast Imaging. Dr. Riedl became dual board-certified in the US for Diagnostic Radiology and Nuclear Medicine and joined the Memorial Sloan Kettering faculty. He went on to serve as Assistant Professor for six years and continued his research on the evaluation of PET/CT tracers. Dr. Rield has published over 60 peer-reviewed scientific articles and is considered a top researcher in his field.

“My experience serving as faculty at Sloan Kettering for six years helped me develop valuable relationships and tools for coordinating with the world’s foremost oncology experts,” says Dr. Riedl. “My goal is to optimize cancer care by engaging all members of a patient’s treatment team.”

In addition to personalized care, Westchester PET is on a mission to improve access to high-quality cancer care. A new study, co-authored by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), found that scaling up access to nuclear medicine and medical imaging services would avert nearly 2.5 million cancer deaths worldwide by 2030. By expanding expertise outside of large medical facilities, Dr. Riedl hopes to bring life-saving technologies to the frontlines of many more communities.

“I loved the work I was able to do at Sloan Kettering, but I want to share my learnings outside of big institutions. I want to provide valuable diagnostic and treatment services that, previously, weren’t easily accessible to the patients of Westchester and surrounding towns.”

At Westchester PET, patients can expect to find significantly lower prices for the same standard of care they would be getting at a large hospital or academic institution. Dr. Riedl’s expertise is also available to patients worldwide through DocPanel’s online second opinion platform. Recruited to DocPanel by one of his former colleagues and current partner at Westchester PET, Dr. Sanjit Tewari, the platform is designed to eliminate many of the logistical and financial challenges that often come with finding affordable subspecialized care.

“Patients who want a second opinion have access to both Dr. Riedl and myself without having to travel to New York,” says Dr. Tewari. “A huge convenience factor.”

With tailored protocols, the latest tracers, and expert subspecialty radiology reads, world-class cancer care with personalized white-glove service are now available at Westchester PET.

Westchester PET is located at 19 Bradhurst Ave # 1200, Hawthorne, NY 10532. The facility is owned and operated by Dr. Christopher Riedl.

Dr. Riedl is a second-generation radiologist and was inspired by his father’s clinical work. Now, a father of two boys himself, Dr. Riedl enjoys spending his free time exploring the Hudson Valley and upstate New York.

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