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Expand Services with On-Demand Access to TeraRecon Advanced Visualization Tools

With 3D and other advanced visualization tools being used for a greater share of imaging studies, it is more important than ever for healthcare facilities to have access to post-processing technology.

But purchasing advanced software, as well as finding and hiring trained subspecialty radiologists, can be a challenge when case volumes aren’t large enough to support the costs.

To offer a solution, DocPanel has teamed up with TeraRecon, a leading innovator in AI-enhanced advanced imaging, to provide 3D post-processing visualization tools on a pay-per-case basis.

Here’s how on-demand access to subspecialty image review and post-processing tools can help imaging centers improve accuracy and expand patient care.

1. Complete Coverage for Complex Cases

Many imaging centers are seeing an increase in complex studies. With DocPanel, providers can easily fill gaps in coverage and improve efficiency. Whether that means using TeraRecon for five cases a month or hundreds, imaging centers can expand coverage based on their volume, with no contract minimum.

Providers can access TeraRecon software in-house via remote access, using their own radiologists; or, they can have their studies read by one of DocPanel’s expert fellowship-trained subspecialists.

“Having advanced visualization tools has become paramount in the interpretation of almost all advanced studies.” says cardiac imaging specialist and DocPanel Radiologist, Dr. Jean Jeudy. “But 3D viewers require training and expertise. You can have the software, but if you don’t have a specialist to operate it, the accuracy of the interpretation is compromised. And vice-versa. DocPanel is unique in that approaches coverage from all angles.”


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2. Improved Efficiency with a More Accurate Diagnosis

TeraRecon interpretation capabilities have been shown to improve the diagnostic accuracy and efficiency of advanced studies, including Cardiac Computed Tomography Angiography (CTA), Cardiac PET-CT, Cardiac MR, Breast MR, Prostate MR, and Virtual Colonoscopy.

“The tools TeraRecon offers are a huge time saver. The software makes image manipulation and functional analysis become as easy as a mouse click, while also improving accuracy.” says leading chest imaging specialist and Assistant Professor of Radiology at NYU, Dr. Derrick Mason. “For instance, TeraRecon can dramatically reduce the time it takes to analyze coronary arteries on a cardiac MRI.”

By streamlining processes with intelligent assisted workflows, imaging centers and hospitals are empowered with the time and resources to increase their capacity.

“It is so convenient to have TeraRecon to read advanced PET/CT cases. Unlike other software programs, TeraRecon is user friendly and easy to operate. It has great potential to facilitate better patient management. I love it.” says DocPanel Radiologist Dr. Peggy Chan, expert in Cardiovascular Disease, Nuclear Medicine, and Professor at NYU.

3. Keep Referring Physicians Happy and Grow Referral Base

Physician satisfaction plays an important role in patient acquisition and management. Yet many referring physicians struggle when reports are not adequate.

“TeraRecon helps mitigate this issue by allowing the reading radiologist to easily embed images and other valuable information straight into the report.” says Dr. Mason.

This can be a huge help, especially for radiologists who are short on time due to large caseloads.

“Advanced visualization tools increase the speed and accuracy of segmentation, which improves efficiency. The ease of then transferring measurements and other quantitative data into radiology reporting software helps strengthen the overall quality of reports, which makes referring physicians happy.” says Dr. Jeudy.

But while ease of transferring information is certainly helpful, different physicians may have different reporting style preferences.

“With DocPanel’s radiologists, there’s a clear line of communication between all parties. It helps allow for unique optimization for reporting.” says Dr. Mason.

With people taking a more active role in their healthcare, many patients are also requesting copies of their reports. That means both the patient and physician’s review will influence the clinical outcome. High-quality reports can help ensure a positive patient experience.

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