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Second Opinion FAQs

What is a radiological second opinion?

With DocPanel, a radiological second opinion is done by having one of our US-based, academic and fellowship trained, board certified subspecialty radiologists look at your scans to provide their opinion on the scans’ findings. The radiologist will assess your scans and the clinical documents you submit and provide their opinion using their expertise.

How does it work?

To get a second opinion, you simply make an account to submit your scans and relevant clinical documents. Scans must be uploaded in their DICOM format (.dcm file extension) from the files you receive from your imaging provider (either from a disc, thumb drive, or downloaded from a portal). Once you have uploaded your scans and documents, you can move forward in selecting your chosen radiologists or have DocPanel select your radiologist for no additional charge. You will then be prompted for payment information.

Payments are processed once the radiologist has published your second opinion report. Once the report is published, you will receive an email with a link to your published report to the same email you registered for DocPanel with.

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Why do I need a second opinion?

If you are facing a challenging or difficult diagnosis or treatment, you may want to double check your results. Sometimes physicians over- or under-diagnose. A specialist dedicated to your particular problem or concern may not have read your exam. Understanding your options is crucial when navigating through difficult health decisions. If you are in a situation where you feel confused or concerned about your diagnosis and treatment plan, or have questions regarding your findings, then seeking a second opinion can provide you more clarity. A second opinion can provide a different outlook on your scan OR confirm the original opinion provided by your first radiologist.

What kind of scans can I upload?

DocPanel supports the following scan types for submission: MRI, MRA, CT, CTA, PET-CT, Nuclear Medicine, X-Ray, Mammogram, and Ultrasound. All scans must be uploaded in the DICOM format (.dcm file extension) on our portal for one of our radiologists to provide an opinion.

How much does it cost?

The price for all scans are $199. If you submit multiple scans that relate to the same case, the price of your second opinion will come to $199. Payments are processed once the radiologist has published your second opinion report.

Who are the radiologists?

Our radiologists are all US-based, board certified, fellowship trained, and academic radiologists spanning fifteen (15) subspecialties. Our radiologists come from academic institutions such as Harvard University, University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University, and University of California San Francisco (UCSF), to name a few.

How long does it take to receive my second opinion?

Once your scans have been submitted, you can expect to have your second opinion report published within 24 - 48 hours. Report publishing may take an extra business day during weekends and holidays.

How do I get started?

It is best to have all of your scan files and relevant clinical documentation on the same computer. You can create your DocPanel account on our website here.

How do you select a radiologist for me?

DocPanel assigns cases to radiologists based on state licensure rules and the radiologist’s subspecialty. DocPanel prides itself on matching your case with the right, expert radiologist.

What if I have questions about my second opinion report?

Should you have questions about your second opinion report, please email secondopinion@docpanel.com with specific questions about your report and we will get in contact with the radiologist who published your report.

What specialties do you handle?

DocPanel is proud to support numerous specialties including: breast imaging, women’s imaging, cardiovascular radiology, chest radiology, emergency radiology, gastrointestinal radiology, genitourinary radiology, musculoskeletal radiology, neuroradiology, pediatric radiology, nuclear radiology, and oncologic radiology.

Is this for patients or doctors?

If you are a radiologist interested in reading for DocPanel, please consult this page: https://www.docpanel.com/contact-us

For patients wanting a second opinion, please consult this page: https://consumerportal.docpanel.com/

Primary care physicians and specialist Physicians can also
order 2nd Opinions. Please contact rob@docpanel.com

Do I need a physician to request a second opinion?

Patients do not need a request from a physician to obtain a second opinion from DocPanel.

Are the doctors US-based?

Yes, all DocPanel radiologists are US-based specialty radiologists from a leading academic medical institution and a fellowship.

Why do you ask for my referring physician information?

Radiology reports are not easy to understand. It is highly recommended and best to share the second opinion report with your doctor.

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