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RadProfessor by DocPanel

With RadProfessor, imaging centers and radiology groups now have access to academic experts for complex cases. Get help with protocol assistance, educational consults, or benchmarking

Protocol Assistance


Protocol Assistance

DocPanel’s academic radiologists are available to provide protocol assistence for complex imaging cases. We will review your current imaging protocol and provide feedback. Getting a protocol review is easy, all we need is:

  • Sample study
  • Machine manufacturer and and specifications
  • Current image acquisiion protocol
  • Current post prossecing protocol (if applicable)
  • Sample radiologist report to evaluate

Cost per case: $199 (First case free)

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This service allows a radiologist to submit cases (studies and reports) with specific questions for the radiologist to answer, or submit the report to be graded by the RadProfessor.

The report the RadProfessor provides gives insight into where they may agree or disagree with findings, suggest alternate language, suggested reporting, assess agreement with diagnosis, and make any useful teaching points.

Cost per case: $199

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Benchmark Report


Benchmark Report

Based on a consultation with our academic radiologist, we will request you to upload ten previous exams and reports of patients.

An assessment report of the images and reports along with suggestions for improvement will be provided. DocPanel's expert radiologists will provide a benchmark assessment on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Image acquisition and exam quality
  • Documentation
  • Post processing review if done
  • Report accuracy
  • Any suggested best practices for exam or report improvement

Cost per benchmark report: $2,500 (recommended to be done at least twice to assess for the interval improvement, then annually)

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Reasons to use radiology solutions

Specialty Coverage

Access DocPanel radiologists across every subspecialty and modality.

Improve Quality

Every case is read by a Fellowship-trained subspecialist, so you have the right radiologist for every case.

Advanced Imaging

Receive specialty help from radiologists who can read even the most advanced cases such as Prostate MRI, Breast MRI, CCTA, and more.

Vacation Coverage

Leverage DocPanel’s specialists to handle case volume during vacation gaps, or holiday seasons.

Scalable Expansion

Expand your practice by adding new locations or new subspecialty services without hiring.

Case Overflow

Mitigate backlogged cases to keep you running efficiently with our quick turnaround times.

radiologists network
radiologists network

Featured Radiologists

DocPanel has over 250 specialty radiologists that you can pick from or allow us to find the best specialist for your case. Meet a few members of the DocPanel team of subspecialty radiologists:



Has completed a 6-step credential verification process



Is academic-level and fellowship-trained



Practices exclusively in the United States



Provides the highest standard of diagnostic interpretation

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