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How to Utilize a Strategic Partnership with a Reading Radiology Marketplace to Create a More Distinctive Practice

Peer Points — Smart Money Strategies for Imaging Providers & Practices:

Take a minute to consider this question:

“In a saturated market, what sets your practice apart from all the others?”

If you don’t know the answer, your practice may be in danger of falling behind. But how do you stand out when money, time, distance, and manpower are on a tight budget?

DocPanel has the answer.

What a Strategic Partnership with DocPanel Can Do For Your Practice

Navigating the current climate of radiology shortages, exorbitant hiring costs, and rapidly changing technology and capabilities can be a challenge. But radiology practices do not have to go it alone, give up their independence, acquiesce to larger health systems to compete, or invest in more staff and equipment.
Strategic partnerships with a radiology marketplace, like DocPanel, have become a key strategy for radiology. This kind of partnership allows you to:

  • Enjoy total flexibility — pay only for the subspecialty radiology reading services you use with no long-term commitments required
  • Meet increased demand for readings from referring doctors and patients
  • Build a reputation for expertise in subspecialty reading radiology niches to target desirable market niches and new referrers
  • Get expert, academic and fellowship-level reading radiology support with complex cases

In short, you can shift how you deliver care, when you deliver it, who delivers it, and what skill sets you offer. They do it all without driving up the costs for your practice or the patient.

How does it work?

As an example, start with a single demographic, such as seniors, and focus on all things involving quality of life, mobility, and agility. DocPanel can provide the orthopedic, cardiac, oncologic, and neurological specialists, while the practice focuses on easy access.

Or, if you want to offer specialization in pediatrics, DocPanel can provide the pediatric specialists while you focus on patient experience.

Partnering with a Reading Radiology Marketplace like DocPanel Benefits Your Business in 4 Very Important Ways:

  1. It allows the practice to customize to the region and target specific physician referrals.
  2. It’s cost effective, does not lower practice earnings or profitability, and the practice takes advantage of rising opportunities, making them more flexible and distinctive.
  3. There’s no need to hire or fire.
  4. Radiology becomes the satisfying and joyful vocation and workplace it should be.

Tell us what you think and add your input. We’ll include it in the next peer point.

About DocPanel

DocPanel is positioned to become the first on-demand marketplace for radiological reads in multiple states. With DocPanel, independent imaging providers, radiology groups and hospitals of all sizes gain access to the same distinguished and highly qualified subspecialty radiologists as larger facilities with no contracts or case minimums. DocPanel offers a new, compelling operating model to drive growth and profitability for imaging providers while strengthening their ability to deliver the highest standards of quality care.

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