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As featured on ABC News, patients can now have their mammograms ran through artificial intelligence software for a more accurate diagnosis. 

Powered by DocPanel’s expert breast imaging specialists and CureMetrix technology, AI-assisted second opinions can help detect cancers earlier and smaller. 

“Cancers that were missed by a radiologist were detected by the machine, some of them weren’t even small, sometimes they were just obscured by dense tissue,” said Dr. Watanabe, DocPanel radiologist and Chief Medical Officer for CureMetrix.

San Diego resident Amanda Caniglia has a family history of breast cancer and, like many women, was nervous going into her first mammogram. While her results came back normal, she wanted a second opinion. When her DocPanel results also came back normal, she was met with reassurance. 

“Big, big sigh of relief!” said Caniglia. “It alleviates a lot of that pressure, a lot of anxiety, and gives you that peace of mind.” 

By scanning millions of mammograms, the machine has learned how to detect breast cancer up to five years earlier than a human radiologist. However, Dr. Watanabe reminds us that the machine is not meant to replace the role of a radiologist, but rather offer support in catching abnormalities that might have otherwise been missed. 

Out of the 230,000 cases of breast cancer that will be diagnosed in the U.S. this year, about 45% will be discovered in the later stages when there’s a lower chance of successful treatment. Finding cancer earlier with AI holds great potential to significantly increase cancer survival rates around the world. 

Patients can get their CureMetirx AI-assisted second opinion for only $199 by uploading their scans through the DocPanel platform. 

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