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World’s first on-demand, pay-per-case teleradiology solution designed to help imaging providers scale, improve patient care

New York City, NY (November 22, 2017) – DocPanel is the largest community of US-based academic level subspecialty radiologists in the world. Changing the way imaging providers secure radiology reading services, the next generation teleradiology company has launched an on-demand, pay-per-case, cloud-based service that connects imaging providers, hospitals and specialty physician practices with leading subspecialty radiologists across the US.

DocPanel Launches B2B Subspecialty Radiology Reading Service 1

Unlike traditional teleradiology companies, DocPanel’s contract-free, pay-per-use business model allows imaging providers to hand-select a team of specialists to review radiology scans
on a case-by-case basis. All of DocPanel’s radiologists have significant subspecialty and/or disease expertise and can provide expert help with complex cases. “Misdiagnosis is a pervasive and costly problem for both providers and patients. Subspecialty expertise is very important in interpreting imaging studies,” said Philip A. Templeton, M.D., FACR, a 35-year veteran of the radiology industry and Co-Founder of DocPanel. “With DocPanel, subspecialty level expertise can be available to every imaging provider, hospital, radiology group and patient whenever needed.”

“DocPanel delivers the expertise of subspecialty radiologists across the US who are adept at reading all kinds of imaging from MRIs, PET, CT, Nuclear Medicine, Ultrasound, and Mammograms” Mathias continues. “ Providers can choose their radiologists on a case-by-case basis or assemble a small group with whom they want to work on an ongoing basis – the choice is theirs. Our scalable and flexible solution fills a gap in the marketplace, benefiting not only imaging centers and radiologists but, ultimately, their patients.”

The service is designed to help imaging centers, hospitals, radiology groups scale their practice, offering a flexible and cost-effective solution that prioritizes high quality patient care. DocPanel’s next generation teleradiology solution comes to market at a time when the radiology landscape is changing. The 2017 ACR Commission on Human Resources Workforce Survey found that 76 percent of practices surveyed are employing part-time radiologists. Further, one quarter reported having a radiologist retire in 2017. Hiring one full-time radiologist, with full benefits is costly, and can’t possibly provide deep expertise across 12+ subspecialty areas.  DocPanel offers an attractive alternative to getting any subspecialty need filled at the time it is needed, in a much more cost-effective way.

DocPanel has raised more than $2 mn to date, and as part of its mission to connect patients with specialized radiology reading services, the firm has also launched an online radiology second opinion service for patients and caregivers.

DocPanel is the largest community of US-based subspecialty and academic-level radiologists in the world. The company’s pay-per-case marketplace and business model allows healthcare providers and patients a choice – and a voice – in sending, discovering, reading and diagnosing complex clinical cases online. To learn more, visit Follow us on Facebook at Connect with us on LinkedIn at

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