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With the advent of 3D Printing, surgeons are able to spend less table time in the operating room, have fewer post-operative complications and to avoid unnecessary surgery. Mediprint and DocPanel have announced a unique partnership. 


By combining Mediprint® Imaging-to-Print System with DocPanel’s specialty radiologist marketplace, hospitals and surgeons now have the ability to access and use accurate 3D printed body parts with a diagnosis from a subspecialist radiologist.

“Having sub-specialty radiologists guide and review Mediprint’s image segmentation adds a layer of clinical validation that is critical to producing accurate 3d printed models. With so many applications for 3d printed models across medical fields, having specific sub-specialty expertise gives our clients the confidence deserving of a clinical tool. Ultimately it is another step to ensure that patients are getting the most advanced personalized treatment possible.” Brent Chanin CEO & CTO

“By working with Mediprint, DocPanel advances its mission of providing patients with better outcomes -the right specialist for each case.  Using specialty radiologists to provide detailed diagnosis prior to printing allows surgeons to dramatically improve the surgical outcomes.”  DocPanel


About Mediprint 

Mediprint is the first comprehensive patient-specific surgical planning and manufacturing system. Using proprietary file enhancement methods, Mediprint equips surgeons, medical educators, and other physicians with a wide range of cost-effective medical 3D printing applications that can significantly improve patient outcomes. Mediprint’s enhancement services include smoothing, refinement, hollowing, structural reinforcement, mesh repair, mechanical fasteners, and custom surgical tools. 


About DocPanel

DocPanel is the world’s first sub specialty radiologist marketplace bringing together the largest network of fellowship trained radiologists across every major sub specialty into one single online platform. DocPanel’s subspecialty radiologists offer final reads, educational consultations, and second opinions to clients and patients across the United States and the world. The company offers a new flexible model of radiology to help overcome challenges related to errors, high costs, staff shortages and more.

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