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Orthopedic Injuries and the Importance of a Second Opinions

Subspecialty Second Opinions in Orthopedic Radiology Were More Accurate in 82% of Cases

Orthopedic conditions are the second largest contributing factor to disabilities worldwide. These conditions affect everybody with between 20% and 30% of people living with a painful orthopedic condition globally. In a study by orthopedic surgeons, it was confirmed that misdiagnosis of orthopedic injuries results in poor long-term patient outcomes. Symptoms escalate and can result in chronic pain, arthritis, disability, and an overall worsened quality of life. However, when patients receive an accurate diagnosis, doctors can then swiftly implement proper treatment and avoid these consequences altogether.

A major problem with orthopedic injuries is that it’s very common that your images be handed off to a general radiologist with little experience with orthopedic injuries. In the case of foot or ankle trauma, for example, improper treatment can mean that a patient doesn’t receive a necessary surgery, resulting in continued pain. DocPanel helps patients get a second opinion from an orthopedic radiologist specialist who can accurately diagnose a patient’s condition. By providing you with certified subspecialists, our platform helps prevent misinterpretations and misdiagnosis, and therefore unnecessary treatments and pain.

In a feature from our Patient Story series, read how Larissa’s hip labral tear second opinion helped her navigates post surgery pain.

Our specialized radiologists will look at your images for back pain, joint injuries, hip/knee replacements, and more. Specific conditions that our radiologists specialize in diagnosing include Osgood-Schlatter Disease, Pelvic Apophysis, and acute tear of the ACL and MCL. It’s especially important to get a second opinion regarding an orthopedic diagnosis because of how treatment can greatly impact your future health.

DocPanel matches you with the best radiologists so that you can be sure you receive the most accurate diagnosis and effective treatment plan.

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