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DocPanel User


When time is of the essence, you want to talk to everyone, and see what’s the best option. DocPanel puts resources at your fingertips, and it's really easy. You upload your imaging scan; you receive your report. No faxes, no phone calls… no time wasted.

2nd Opinion X-ray of the Back


This product is new? It's genius. Your report was so thorough and I feel more in control of my health.

Second opinion CT Abdomen/Pelvis, 4 cases submitted to DocPanel


The radiologist was great, very caring and thorough, not to mention very prompt. I'm glad that we can have that level of continuity as I expect my mother will have repeat imaging going forward on a routine basis given her condition.

2nd opinion for Abdominal CT, MR and US


I was so pleased during my entire experience with DocPanel! From start to finish Nirish guided me as to what to do and helped to ease my mind during the whole process. The radiologist that read my studies for a second opinion was fantastic and incredibly knowledgeable which is just what I needed! If you have any doubts at all, I would recommend you have DocPanel help you find a specialist who can give you a second opinion.

Brain MRI second opinion for a pituitary tumor diagnosis


I am really impressed with this service for my brain MRI second opinion. Glad I found out about it. A lady posted about it on Facebook is how I learned. Thank you for your patience and guidance with this!

MRIs of the Cervical Spine, Thoracic Spine and Lumbar Spine


Thank you very much for working with me. It has been a great experience and I feel taken care of. Thank you again for the outstanding service!

PET-CT second opinion for Small Cell Carcinoma


His [Dr. Colletti, University of Southern California] report is thorough, I’m glad we did it - he actually advised to biopsy another region that I don’t think we have yet. He has a great summary and added detail that wasn’t available in the original report. The added images were extremely helpful as there were so many to go through.

MRI of the Brain, Multiple Sclerosis


I’m really impressed with your level of customer service. I worked in customer service for many years and I know what it takes to deal with people. I am very impressed and you have won me over. I’ve been searching for a radiologist’s take without having to go through a neurologist first. You never get to speak with radiologists. You guys are letting me seek care without having to get into the mess of insurance, bureaucracy, and the stress.

2nd opinion for a C-Spine CT


You guys have been a tremendous help. Thank you.

PET CT of the Brain


Excellent! Please tell Dr. Colletti thank you so much for his comprehensive and detailed report! I appreciate the added pictures as well because this will be faxed to my consulting physician at Stanford who does not have access to my films yet. I am so appreciative to the physicians, you, and the DocPanel team for both of my reports. I would highly recommend your service to ANYONE looking for a second opinion.

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