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Online second opinion for Brain MRI


I sent my MRI and immediately received my results back. They answered all my questions and concerns. They are extremely thorough and efficient. I highly recommend their services to anyone who wants their diagnostic images reviewed completely and thoroughly. Excellent Service!!!!

Online second opinion for Brain MRA


Thank you all for your good customer service. It really stands out compared with most hospitals or other businesses in general.

2nd opinion for Breast Ultrasound, Breast MRI, Mammogram Ultrasound


I found the DocPanel radiologist to be very thorough. Because of the original MRI 2nd opinion report, I called my specialist to resolve my questions. I came to you and you gave me a definitive 2nd opinion that I can rely on. I want to thanks DocPanel and the radiologist. I am going to stay in touch.

MRI of the Spine


I got my MRI report and I'm happy with it. It's definitely more detailed then what I received from my local imaging center. Thank you.

2nd Opinion MRI of the Abdomen


I received my report. Thank you very much for great service.

MRI of the Lower Extremities


Thank you for all your assistance, I am very impressed with this service and will certainly use it again.

CT Chest and abdomen second opinion


Great radiologist, very caring and thorough, not to mention very prompt so Im glad that we can have that level of continuity as I expect my mother will have routine imaging going forward on a routing basis given her condition and getting a second opinion from DocPanel will help give us peace of mind.

MRI second opinion of the hip


I saw the 2nd opinion by Dr White. Thank you ever so much for the effort. It really is detailed and specific unlike the very general diagnosis from the two orthopedists I consulted. Once again, thanks a million.

Lumbar Spine Second Opinion


I want to thank you for the second opinion. What it gives myself, my doctor (who needed the right info) and the physical threrapist who is trying to help me..the info everyone needs. with back muscle atrophy, while I cant recover all..I can exercise specifically or target. For my least they know the situation and may have ideas for treatment.

Second opinion of CT and MRI of Lumbar Spine


You are great... thanks so much..... I really appreciate these readings... ACTUALLY... These are the best read results i have ever seen. Dr.'s don't tell you anything.... and I am an RN

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