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Pediatric Radiology Second Opinions

Don't leave your child's health to chance, get a second opinion today

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Pediatric Radiology specialists have become increasingly scarce...

When getting a scan done you always want the right doctor treating your child, but 90% of pediatric radiology is being performed by general radiologists with an average of just 3 months training in the pediatric subspecialty.

The result? Children are getting “over-imaged” and “under/mis-diagnosed” by adult Radiologists who are treating them like tiny adults rather than physiologically and biologically unique young humans.

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In 2003, only 3% of radiologists worked in the pediatric subspecialty, and the numbers haven’t moved much since then.



DocPanel's Vision is Simple But Bold:

By giving patients access to specialty radiologists who've trained or currently work at Harvard Medical School, Boston Children's Hospital, USC, and more to get a second opinion, the patient will always benefit. A Mayo Clinic study found that 88% of patients that seek a second opinion leave with a more refined or changed diagnosis. 

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