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Fill the Pediatric Radiology Gap

with 100% Subspecialty Radiologists from DocPanel

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Pediatric Radiologists have become increasingly scarce but increasingly and critically in-demand.

This is a crucial subspecialty, but the shortage makes it difficult to access and financially prohibitive to hire. Currently, 90% of pediatric radiology is being performed by general radiologists with an average of just 3 months training in the pediatric subspecialty. The result? Children are getting “over-imaged” and “under/mis-diagnosed” by adult Radiologists who are treating them like tiny adults rather than physiologically and biologically unique young humans.

Get facts you should know about the Pediatric subspecialty shortage.

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In 2003, only 3% of radiologists worked in the pediatric subspecialty, and the numbers haven’t moved much since then.

Misdiagnosis: Dangerous, Costly, and Even Fatal

Not to mention, it costs healthcare providers across the nation billions of dollars annually. Your patients’ well-being should never be compromised. They trust you to keep them safe and they deserve the best possible diagnostic interpretations. They deserve the specialized care you can provide using DocPanel's high caliber, academic-level subspecialty radiologists.

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Pediatric Radiologists, Without Hiring

Many imaging providers conclude that providing pediatric radiology service is out of reach, especially if they've only ever used traditional radiology staffing solutions. Our response lies at the heart of DocPanel's vision.

DocPanel’s vision is simple but bold:

For all imaging providers, large and small, to have subspecialty radiology resources that enable fast, accurate, and expert diagnostic interpretations.

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