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Pediatric Sports Medicine

Help speed up recovery and prevent lifelong effects with a proper diagnosis on your radiology images.

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Why Seek a Second Opinion? Kids Are Not Simply Miniature Adults

Unlike an adult, your child’s body is still growing and changing, complicating the diagnosis and treatment of injuries when you base it off an MRI, CT scan, or Ultrasound. A misdiagnosis during this critical time of growth could lead to lifelong, debilitating conditions. Help ensure you’re providing the best care possible today and tomorrow by seeking a second opinion from the onset. We provide expert radiology subspecialists who fully understand the child’s body and potential injuries.

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Of the estimated 45 million children participating in organized sports, 1/3 will seek medical care for an athletic-related injury that will require a radiology scan.

Approximately 2,000,000 high-school athletes will be injured this year.

A child’s injuries differ from an adult’s injuries because a child’s growing skeleton presents a unique structural physiology. As your child grows, the relationship between bone length and muscle length fluctuates, and differences in bone density occurs. An experienced imaging specialist will know how to better identify injuries and conditions based on your child’s own unique growth rate.

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50% of all injuries among children ages 5-12 are traumatic

Stress Fractures Are Too Often Missed

Stress fractures can lead to significant issues if left undiagnosed, yet nearly 30% are missed in adolescent radiographic findings. MRI scans read by skilled subspecialists can help ensure that every detail is reviewed thoroughly and correctly.

Repetitive Stress Is Complicated

While practice and competing will make your child and teenager a better athlete, repeated movements can lead to repetitive stress injuries. It’s essential to quickly catch any stress injuries before they lead to acute conditions or chronic overuse injuries that can cause long-term issues. Working with a diagnostic expert when the pain first appears can help prevent children from having to sit out from their favorite sport for a season or for life.

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Featured Radiologists

Our highly trained radiologists are experts in their subspecialities. Our pediatric radiologists specialized in sports medicine include Dr. Michele Walters, Dr. Christine Kassis, Dr. Michael Rozenfeld, Dr. George Taylor and many more. These radiologists have trained or worked at Universities and hospitals such as Mass General (Harvard), University of Chicago, Boston Children's Hospital, Northwestern, Columbia Presbyterian, and Stanford among others.