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Ramapo Radiology Delivers Decades of Compassionate Care to the Hudson Valley

Ramapo Radiology has been serving New York’s Hudson Valley with diagnostic healthcare for over 70 years. Founded in 1948, the practice grew roots as the exclusive radiology provider at Good Samaritan Hospital and has since expanded operations to two more hospitals, as well as four multi-modality outpatient imaging facilities in Rockland and Orange Counties.

With the latest technology and guaranteed sub-specialization, Ramapo Radiology delivers care patients and referring providers can trust. Ramapo’s team brings an element of compassion and precision that is often lacking at larger, less personal facilities. Whether it be a screening exam or diagnostic test, imaging exams are tailored to the exact needs of the patient, and all interpretations are provided by sub-specialty radiologists.

To learn more about Ramapo Radiology and the unique level of care patients can find across all their facilities, we spoke with Chief Operating Officer, Lee Turner, and Physician Liaison, Irene Hoffman.

[DocPanel] What is the mission and philosophy of Ramapo Radiology?

[Lee Turner]
Ramapo Radiology’s mission is to provide compassionate, caring, and high-quality medical imaging to improve the quality of life for our patients and their families. Our radiologists play a critical role in the early detection, diagnosis, and even treatment of disease. Our commitment to expert, personal care means that our radiologists partner with referring physicians to become an integral part of a patient’s healthcare team.

[DocPanel] How do you offer a more personalized care approach?

[Irene Hoffman]
Ramapo Radiology offers a personalized care approach by always putting our patients’ health and safety first. The very basis of optimum healthcare requires accurate diagnosis. Before a patient can receive appropriate treatment and begin the process of healing, the radiologist must identify the cause and origin of the medical problem.

[DocPanel] How do you work with referring providers to deliver more comprehensive care to your patients?

[Irene Hoffman]
Our radiologists have formed professional, and in many cases personal, relationships with the referring community. This unique partnership translates into better outcomes for patients. Radiologists are available for consultations with referring physicians, both in person and via telephone, whether it be before or after a study is completed. This open line of communication results in a more accurate diagnosis.

[DocPanel] What makes Ramapo Radiology unique? What would you like people to know about your facility and the services your offer?

[Lee Turner]
Ramapo Radiology is unique in that we serve patients in both the hospital and outpatient settings. Our practice has been serving the Hudson Valley for over 70 years, and we are small enough that we can offer a personalized approach to each patient that is referred to us.

We offer MRI/MRA, CT/CTA, Ultrasound, X-ray, 3D Mammography, Bone Density (DEXA), Nuclear Medicine, and PET/CT. By utilizing the latest technology, our patients can expect that our team will help them feel comfortable while ensuring that their physician receives the timely results they require.

The expertise of our radiologists is also paramount to the level of care we provide. All of our radiologists are subspecialty fellowship-trained. We have the ability to read body and breast, musculoskeletal, neuroradiology, nuclear medicine, and PET/CT. For instances where we don’t have an in-house specialist, we have a great relationship with DocPanel and can access their subspecialists on a case-by-case. We are able to have them provide the professional component on specialized or difficult neurologic, body, and pediatric cases, making Ramapo Radiology’s services seamless to our referring physician community. In addition, we have them read routine cases when one of our own sub-specialty trained doctors is on vacation. It’s a symbiotic relationship that is mutually beneficial.


[DocPanel] What are some of the initiatives you are currently working on and excited about?

[Lee Turner]
Ramapo Radiology has a number of radiology joint-ventures and collaborations with urgent care, multispecialty and private physician offices. We have recently collaborated with Mt. Sinai Selikoff Centers – World Trade Center 9/11 workers and residents. We look forward to expanding similar alliances with imaging centers and private practices.

Ramapo Radiology Associates, PC (RRA) is the exclusive provider of radiology services for Good Samaritan Hospital in Rockland County, and St. Anthony Community Hospital in Warwick, NY, and Bon Secours Community Hospital in Port Jervis, NY located in Orange County. All three hospitals are in the Westchester Medical Health System. RRA also owns four multi-modality outpatient imaging facilities, located in Suffern, Pomona, Newburgh, and Monroe in New York. You can learn more and book an appointment here.

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