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Second Opinion from World Leading Abdominal Radiologist Provides Peace of Mind

Aram’s Story

Diagnostic imaging has great potential to provide a definitive answer as to what’s going on in a person’s body. But for many patients, imaging results may come back normal or inconclusive despite peristant sysmtpoms. A second opinion can help provide peace of mind that nothing was missed in the original interpretation, alieviating stress and anxiety. Such was the case for Aram. Here is his story.

Persisting Symptoms After Normal MRI Results

Aram had been experiencing abdominal pain for over six weeks. Though he’d been to several doctors, the cause of his symptoms had not been determined.

[Aram] “After getting an MRI, I was told that everything looked good. But I still had persistent pain in my right side, around my ribs. I wanted a second opinion just to make sure nothing got missed. The MRI facility had sent the written report to my primary doctor but not the actual scan. I wanted another qualified doctor to review my images and not just base their findings on the written report.”

Access to a Subspecialty Radiologists

After uploading his scan onto DocPanel’s platform, we sent Aram’s scans to Dr. Suzanne Palmer, Division Chief of Body Imaging at USC Keck School of Medicine, and one of the worlds’ leading body imaging specialists.

[Aram] “It was very easy to use the website, upload my images, and add my report. There was also a live chat feature with customer service that I was able to use to ask questions in real-time. The whole process took me about 5 minutes! I would describe the customer experience as fast, easy, and seamless. The price was right and the turnaround time was basically the next day! I am not sure how anything could be improved.”

The Outcome

[Aram] “Dr. Palmer was able to assure me that everything looked good on my MRI. I was able to ask her 5 specific questions that addressed some of my fears, and she answered them all thoughtfully and finally gave me peace of mind. I can now sleep at night – worth every penny just for that alone. The stress was really making me sick, always assuming the worst.”

[Aram] “No more care is required at this time – which is great because we are still in the middle of the pandemic and I really don’t want to go back into the hospital for more tests. I recommend DocPanel for a second opinion. It won’t cost you much and you won’t have to wait long. It feels good to actively take positive steps when your health is a concern. I wouldn’t hesitate to use DocPanel again – in fact, if I ever have to get any imaging down the road, I am going to get the second opinion no matter what – it’s too easy not to do it.”

DocPanel is committed to making sure every patient receives excellent care. If you would like an expert second opinion on your medical imaging from Dr. Palmer or one of our other fellowship-trained subspecialty radiologists, you can learn more here.

Dr. Suazanne Palmer is an Abdominal Imaging and Body Imaging subspecialty radiologist. She has extensive expertise is reading CT, MR, Ultrasound, PET CT, and nuclear medicine imaging. Dr. Palmer completed her medical training at UC Irvine, Temple University. She is currently Division Chief of Body Imaging and Professor of Radiology at USC Keck School of Medicine.

A leading academic radiologist, Dr. Palmer has published papers in the use of advanced imaging for prostate biopsies, radical prostatectomy, prostate lesions, and prostate cancer volume estimation. She is an ACRIN Investigator for a Repeatability Assessment of Quantitative DCE-MRI and DWI Prostate MRI protocols for the detection of prostate tumors, and a member of Standards in reporting of MRI-targeted prostate biopsies (START), an international working group.


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