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DocPanel has a network of NIOSH certified "B" Readers who provide interpretations on Chest X-Rays and Chest CT scans.

NIOSH Certified B Readers

Our physicians are certified "B" Readers by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) - specialists in the radiology of asbestos, coal and silica dust occupational lung disease.

​Our physicians are practicing, board-certified, fellowship-trained radiologists - experts in the daily interpretation of chest x-rays and chest CT scans.

DocPanel allows you to browse and select from an extensive pool of NIOSH certified B Readers who provide accurate and timely B reads within 24 - 48 hours.

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A New Way of Accessing a B Reader service

DocPanel makes it simple for you to access a NIOSH certified B Reader and obtain B Reads on your Chest X-Rays. Our cloud-based digital image management system makes it easy to create an account and upload digital chest radiographs from a CD, PACS, or DICOM file/folder within minutes.

Our B Readers evaluate the abnormalities related to occupational exposure including inhalation of silica dust and other dust exposures (such as in coal workers’ pneumoconiosis, black lung, etc.), asbestos exposed workers, Respirable Cyrsytaline Silica and silica related disease (including Silicotuberculosis, Silicosis). You can learn more about the standards that require B Reads on the OSHA website.

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Extensive B Reader Capabilities

DocPanel's network of NIOSH certified B Readers have demonstrated proficiency in the classification of chest X-Rays using the ILO classification system.

A DocPanel B Reader will quickly send back the completed B Read (ILO classification form). DocPanel has integrated its FDA approved viewer with an electronic ILO classification form enabling an efficient workflow.

We perform B reads for occupational medicine, law firms evaluating client cases, epidemiologic research studies, as well as surveillance and worker monitoring programs.

Only have actual radiographic films? Please contact DocPanel at 973-368-3546 for handling instructions and support.

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radiologists network
radiologists network

Featured Radiologists

DocPanel has over 250 specialty radiologists that you can pick from or allow us to find the best specialist for your case. Meet a few members of the DocPanel team of subspecialty radiologists:



Has completed a 6-step credential verification process



Is academic-level and fellowship-trained



Practices exclusively in the United States



Provides the highest standard of diagnostic interpretation

What are B Read services and ILO Classification Forms

The ILO Classification System for B reading helps identify different types and severity of abnormalities during the review process. The system describes the nature and extent of features of different types pneumoconioses, including silicosis, coal workers’ pneumoconiosis, and asbestosis. It deals with parenchymal abnormalities, opacities and pleural changes associated with with occupational lung disease.

DocPanel NIOSH Certified B Readers provide B Reads on chest X-Rays to look for the extent of dust exposure and different types of pneumoconioses, black lung, occupational respiratory disease, silicosis, and more.

Our B Readers follow NIOSH B Reader Code of Ethics to ensure that DocPanel is always providing the best quality B Reader services. Our team stays up to date on all new silica rules and keep up to date with all B Reader Certifications.

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