Step 1 Upload Your Scans

Step 1

Upload Your Scans

Upload a copy of your scan images in DICOM format. Provide a brief description of your clinical history, including any relevant information you would like to share with the radiologist. You may also submit up to five questions for the radiologist to answer in layperson's terms in their report.

Step 2

Browse & Select Your Radiologist

Once your scan(s) is uploaded, you will be able to browse radiologist profiles. Our platform will recommend subspecialists based on the type of medical imaging you uploaded. Select a radiologist, or have DocPanel’s clinical team match you with the best-suited specialist.

Step 2 Pick Your Radiologist
Step 3 Review Your Case And Submit

Step 3

Review & Submit

DocPanel second opinions take 1-2 business days. When your case is completed, you can download your second opinion report directly from our secure online portal. We recommend sharing the report with your other healthcare providers to determine the next best steps in you care journey.

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