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Our Radiologists Are Here For You

Online radiology reading and teleradiology services have been around for decades, but DocPanel’s marketplace is the first comprised exclusively of academic-level, fellowship-trained subspecialty radiologists. It’s time to reimagine everything you thought you knew about teleradiology.

Access the highest standard of care ever available

DocPanel’s revolutionary alternative to traditional radiology reading services is transforming healthcare options. Medical professionals and patients now have unprecedented online access to ask a subspecialty radiologist for support in interpreting cases and getting second opinions.

The result? Unparalleled support from an online subspecialty radiologist who is:



Has completed a 6-step credential verification process



Is academic-level and fellowship-trained



Practices exclusively in the United States



Provides the highest standard of diagnostic interpretation

The Real DocPanel Difference:
Our Subspecialty Radiologists

With a marketplace comprised of only the country’s finest and extensively trained medical professionals, DocPanel users are guaranteed a level of care and service previously only accessible by the largest facilities.

Quality, Customization, Accessibility

Choose DocPanel as your go-to resource for radiology reading services because of superior quality physicians, the flexible access you have to them, and the ability to handpick a customized panel of radiologists.

DocPanel = Quality

Lives are saved by swift and accurate diagnosis. Quality of life can be drastically improved when the right diagnosis and treatment plan is quickly identified or when conditions are ruled out.

Our 6-step credential verification approach ensures the radiology reading services you receive are performed exclusively by the most qualified academic-level and fellowship-trained subspecialty radiologists:

  • 100% subspecialty experience across every modality and specialization area
  • 100% academic-level and fellowship-trained practitioners
  • 100% of radiologists located in the United States

Never again question the quality, value, or feasibility of using online radiology reading services.

DocPanel = Customization

When you use DocPanel, you’re in complete control of selecting the right radiologist for your cases. DocPanel gives imaging providers and patients the freedom and ability to ask an online radiologist for help specific to unique, per-case needs and conditions.

Choose your doctors with filter criteria options like:

  • Years of experience
  • Modalities used
  • Size of practice
  • Academic background
  • Disease specialization
  • Special interest
  • Areas of research and study

When you control who reads your patients’ cases, you control the quality of care provided.

DocPanel = Accessibility

How does DocPanel ensure imaging providers and patients can always access high-caliber, academic-level physicians? By actively recruiting so we can continue growing our exclusive community of subspecialty radiologists. With access to hundreds, and one day thousands, of the nation’s most qualified experts, your cases always receive prompt attention and the fastest turnaround times.

Modern healthcare needs require modern healthcare solutions. In an era where instant gratification is the rule, not the exception, you deserve direct, on-demand access to the right doctors whenever you need them.

Our Radiologists

DocPanel has over 250 specialty radiologists that you can pick from or allow us to find the best specialist for your case. Meet a few members of the DocPanel team of subspecialty radiologists:

Patrick Colletti M.D. F.A.C.R.

Oncological Imaging

Medical training at USC, and Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. Currently Division Chief, Nuclear Medicine, Keck School Of Medicine, University Of Southern California

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Cindy Lee M.D. F.A.C.R.

Breast Imaging

Medical Training at Johns Hopkins, UCSF and SUNY (Stony Brook). Currently Clinical Assistant Professor Of Breast Imaging, New York University

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Michael Rozenfeld D.O. F.A.C.R.

Neuroradiology , Pediatric Radiology

Medical Training at Northwestern, University of Chicago and Touro University. Currently Faculty Radiologist at University Of Arizona College Of Medicine

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Suzanne Palmer M.D. F.A.C.R.

Abdominal Imaging , Body Imaging

Medical Training at UC Irvine, Temple University. Currently Division Chief of Body Imaging and Professor of Radiology at USC Keck School of Medicine

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Eric White M.D. F.A.C.R.

Musculoskeletal Radiology

Medical Training at Temple University and Jefferson Medical College. Currently Musculoskeletal Radiology Division Chief at USC Keck School of Medicine

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Gale Sisney MD

Breast Imaging

Medical Training at Northwestern, University of Illinois. Leading Physicians of the World (2017) by International Association of HealthCare Professionals. Former Director of Breast Imaging at Georgetown University, University of Wisconsin, University of Colorado

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Alyssa Watanabe M.D.

Breast Imaging , Neuroradiology

Medical training at UCSF and USC. Currently associate professor in clinical radiology at USC

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David Cline MD

Breast Imaging

Medical Training at Creighton University, University of California San Diego, and Mayo Clinic. Currently staff radiologist at the Naval Medical Center San Diego

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Linda Hovanessian Larsen MD

Breast Imaging

Medical Training at USC Keck School of Medicine with fellowship training at Mount Sinai. Currently Director of Women's Imaging at USC Keck School of Medicine

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Arnold Friedman MD

Abdominal Imaging

Dr. Arnold Friedman Developed prostate imaging endorectal coil with FONAR and has published a book on prostate cancer and the use of clinical pelvic imaging

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Richard Semelka MD

Abdominal Imaging , Body Imaging

Former professor, vice chairman of radiology, and director of MR services at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, Dr. Richard Semelka is a leading expert in body MRI. He has written over 16 text-books, 370 peer-reviewed papers, and has over 21,000 research citations in Abdominal Imaging.

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Philip McDonald MD

MSK , Musculoskeletal Radiology

Medical Training at Duke university and University of Connecticut in Musculoskeletal radiology.

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Danielle Seaman MD FACR

Cardiothoracic Imaging

NIOSH Certified B Reader. Medical Training at Duke University, University of Cincinnati, and Case Western Reserve University. Currently adjunct professor at Duke University Medical Center.

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David Wiener MD

Cardiothoracic Imaging

NIOSH Certified B Reader. Medical Training at NYU and Duke University. Currently consulting associate at Duke University School of Medicine.

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Patricia Hudgins M.D. FACR


Medical Training at UCSF. Most recently Director of Neuroradiology at Emory University, and formerly president of the American Society of Neuroradiology and American Society of Head and Neck Radiology.

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