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DocPanel Announces New B Reader Service

With New OSHA Regulations, the Need for B Reading Services Grows The need for B reading examinations has grown dramatically due to the OSHA Standards on Respirable Crystalline Silica that went into effect in June 2018.  DocPanel has expanded its services to offer a panel of NIOSH certified B Readers to provide ILO... Continue Reading

by DocPanel

My First Ninety Days in a Radiology Startup

Last week I celebrated my three-month anniversary at DocPanel. Three months at a startup can feel like three years! Like all new employees, I had a 90-day plan detailing what I wanted to achieve in my first quarter at the company. Looking back now, I wish I had written a 90-day plan for what I wanted to learn. It's hard to... Continue Reading

by Ami Cohen

How to Utilize a Strategic Partnership with a Reading Radiology Marketplace to Create a More Distinctive Practice

Peer Points — Smart Money Strategies for Imaging Providers & Practices: Take a minute to consider this question: “In a saturated market, what sets your practice apart from all the others?” If you don’t know the answer, your practice may be in danger of falling behind. But how do you stand out when money, time, distance,... Continue Reading

by DocPanel

Modern Teleradiology Solutions Satisfy Subspecialty Demand

After 35 years in radiology, I can certainly say the only constant is change. Well, actually, that and the fact that no one and nothing is exempt from being affected by the change! Imaging modalities, imaging professionals, information technology, regulatory statutes, reimbursement, mergers and acquisitions, and of course... Continue Reading

by Howard Asch